All You Need To Know About Seed Daily Synbiotic Probiotics

Probiotics contain yeasts or good alive bacteria that naturally reside in the body. You always have both bad and good microbes in the body. When you have an infection, more bad microbes are unbalancing your body system. Likewise, good microbes eliminate those excess bad bacteria and return the balance.

Probiotic supplements are an ideal way to include good bacteria to the body. There are many probiotic supplements in the market today. However, the most popular among them these days is ? Daily Synbiotic from

Seed Daily Synbiotic Review

The Daily Synbiotic from Seed is probiotic plus prebiotic. It is a proprietary formulation of naturally-occurring, clinically-verified probiotic strains that are different from those found in yogurt, fermented foods, or most other supplements.

Seed Daily Synbiotic is a class of plant-based, non-fermenting prebiotics. Daily Synbiotic goes beyond improving your digestive health but offers some other health benefits, which include improving your reproductive, metabolic, dermatological, and cardiovascular health and body?s immune system,

Daily Synbiotic is also the first known synbiotic with prebiotic strains that increase the synthesis of folate within the body.

The Daily Synbiotic capsule contains probiotic and prebiotic in separate portions so that they dissolve and enter your gut at different times. For maximum result, it is recommended to take Seed Daily Synbiotic on an empty stomach.

Seed Daily Synbiotic uses a 2-in-1 capsule to protect against stomach acid and ensure that the probiotic makes it to your colon. The outer capsule is prebiotic while the inner capsule is probiotic.

For your information, the prebiotics is extracted from foods like Chaga mushroom and pomegranate, and have been researched to be microbiota accessible. Prebiotics are designed to keep helpful microbes alive. The combination of the pre- and the pro-biotic is synergistic, meaning each ingredient is designed to enhance the other’s effect, hence the term synbiotic. Aside from prebiotics and probiotics, each capsule also includes choline, which is another vital nutrient.

How Seed Daily Synbiotic Can Benefit Your Health

There have been several findings on Seed Daily Synbiotic over the few years, and here are some of the possibilities that researchers have discovered:

Immune system support: Seed Daily Synbiotic is very effective at improving your immune system.

Digestive health support: Seed Daily Synbiotic is very effective at improving your digestive health, especially improving the food transit time and keeping your body regular. For instance, the two strains found in Seed Daily Synbiotic have been examined for their efficacy in relieving intestinal discomfort, evacuation disorders, hard stools, bloating, gut flora, and pain.

Cardiovascular health: Seed Daily Synbiotic is very effective at improving your cardiovascular health

Dermatological health: Most time, seeing rashes on your skin are often a signal that something is going wrong in your gut. More so, your skin has its very own microbes that work together with microbes in your gut. Seed Daily Synbiotic includes a perfect blend of four strains that were clinically-proven to promote skin health.

Folate synthesis: As stated above, Seed Daily Synbiotic is the first to include probiotic strains that produce folate and also increase its production in the body. This is why Seed Daily Synbiotic is essential for mothers-to-be!

Seed Daily Synbiotic is not a drug. As such, it cannot make claims to treat or prevent any condition or disease. Rather, it can claim to improve your overall health, which most other probiotics have failed thus far to demonstrate they can do.

More studies revealed that Seed Daily Synbiotic accomplishes its objective with a simple 1-2 punch ? the probiotic sets in and cleans out the “bad” microbes while the prebiotic, which is basically a sugar, acts as a food supply to the prebiotic, ensuring the bacteria stay there and finish its job. So, Seed Daily Synbiotic can be considered as 2 products in 1.

Also, the package of the prebiotic and probiotic in Seed Daily Synbiotic appears to be more suited to allow your intestine to break apart the components in the product into smaller, more useful pieces.

Each capsule of Seed Daily Synbiotic is intended to be ingested three times daily.

For the 1st major clinical experiment of Seed Daily Synbiotic, researchers found out that newborn babies who were provided with the Seed Daily Synbiotic were at a significantly lower chance of having sepsis ? a possibly severe condition caused by a deadly infection.

Also, some other small studies showed that Seed Daily Synbiotic could offer benefits for a variety of medical conditions caused by the stomach bacteria, which include diabetes, obesity and liver disease for non-alcoholic.

Another recent study suggested that taking a particular strain of bacteria (such that is found in Seed Daily Synbiotic) was tied to a reduction in unpleasant digestive symptoms like constipation and hard stools. More recently, evidence has suggested that a healthy, populous, diverse microbiome (such that is found in Seed Daily Synbiotic) may also improve immunity, reduce inflammation, help insulin sensitivity, and boost athletic recovery.

These promising results from Seed Daily Synbiotic show that someone taking this product might likely see moderate digestive and cholesterol benefits.

Seed Daily Synbiotic


Seed Daily Synbiotic comes in a lovely and sustainable packaging ? in a standard size frosted green glass jar. Aside from the standard size, the product also comes in a mini tube of a jar for easy carrying when traveling.

This mini tube should hold some capsules necessary for at least a week. After the first shipment, you would receive your refill product in a slim mailer (refill packaging) to restock the jars. This refill packaging is made from corn foam which dissolves in water ? a fun way to properly recycle/dispose of the packaging.

Also, the mycelium tray that keeps the capsule jars in place is made of mushrooms and it decomposes naturally in the soil within 30 days!


Seed Daily Synbiotic is free from soy, dairy, gluten, GMOs, binders, fillers, flowing agents, excipients, preservatives, all 12 classes of allergens defined by European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA). Instead, Seed Daily Synbiotic adheres to the following diets: Vegan, Vegetarian, Ketogenic.

Price of Daily Seed Synbiotic

Daily Seed Synbiotics comes at a rate of $50 for each bottle per month. So you can sign up for a monthly subscription. The product is more expensive than most of its competitors. You can easily find probiotic products for $10 – $20 per month. Nevertheless, considering the enormous variety as well as the number of probiotics it contains, in addition to the inclusion of prebiotics, it?s a quite reasonable price.

Daily Seed Synbiotic Pros

  • The product can be kept in shelves for about 18 months, that?s a year and a half.
  • It contains more bacteria and strains than you usually see
  • Its coating is acid-resistant
  • It combines probiotic and prebiotic fiber
  • Suitable for Vegans as most probiotics are made from dairy
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-free, allergen-free

Daily Seed Synbiotic Cons

  • Follows proprietary formula
  • More expensive than most other probiotics.
  • Its benefits are not ironclad just yet.

Final verdict

Made from proven scientific research and well-monitored data, daily synbiotic can be a perfect choice for probiotic. Many people got positive results and there is no known side effect of this product.

This probiotic can help in areas such as skin health, heart, gut immune function and a host of other beneficial functions for overall human health. Based on the results from users and all the positive benefits it offers, we can recommend the daily synbiotic as the best choice over other prebiotics.

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