My Story:

Welcome to TheBalanced.Life, a site built for folks that are tired of burning the candle on both ends. It is a sanctuary where you may reflect on how you are living your life thus far. No judgment nor nagging. Just information for you to make wiser choices and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. I started TheBalanced.Life because in early 2018, I was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative progressive disease. Although there is a genetic component to this condition, I firmly believe that stress, anxiety, bad nutrition, sleeping and exercise habits contributed greatly to the manifestation of the symptoms of the disease.

I started to eat a plant and fruit-based diet and immediately, started seeing important changes in my body, mind and performance. At the suggestion of my health practitioner, I started taking supplements such as cumin with bioperine, magnesium (for sleep), oregano (as an antibacterial), vitamin D, Liv52 (to cleanse the liver), black walnut (anti-parasite), and others that I believe have greatly helped me on this journey towards a balanced life.

Today, I am much better largely in part to my beautiful daughter and wife who give me a reason to improve in every aspect of my life, every day. I also owe much of my recovery to mentors and role models like Joe Dispenza and Eric Kauffmann. Although we have not met in person, they are very much a part of this journey. Proper nutrition, exercise, meditation and visualization and a generally positive mindset also play an important role in this recovery as I enjoy the journey making small yet incremental changes every day.


Because I don’t want anyone to go through what I have been going through. Having a medical condition does not have to be your demise. It could be the beginning of a life changing transformation that makes you appreciate life and be grateful for all the gifts that nature bestows upon us every day.

To educate based on what I have learned

I will never stop learning. This site is a tribute to getting and staying in good health. I want to explore workouts, recipes, protocols, sleeping habits, meditation, supplements, nutrition and any other topic that balances and optimizes life.

You, me and the universe. Because we were meant to be great! Let’s do this.

Mahesh Khemlani