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Green Tea Benefits For Men

Green tea benefits for Men

Green tea is one of the most popular beverages all over the world. It gained popularity recently as a health drink and has been linked to several health benefits [1], which include weight loss, decreasing the risk of heart disease, lowering cholesterol levels, aiding digestion, and cancer prevention. While green tea holds so many benefits for everyone, studies [2] have shown that green tea has some benefits that are specific to men as well as women. Read this post on green tea benefits for men to know more about green tea benefits for men. Some of these benefits are also applicable to women.

What Exactly Is Green Tea?

Before going into the green tea benefits for women and men, it is important to discuss what green tea is.

Just like most other teas, green tea originates from Camellia Sinensis, which is commonly grown in China as a staple go-to drink. However, green tea differs in the way it is processed. Green tea leaves do not undergo the same fermentation, withering, and oxidation process as the black and oolong teas. Instead, green tea leaves are processed after harvest using various methods, which include sun drying, oven drying, tumbling, steaming, pan-firing, and charcoal firing.

Since green teas are the least-processed teas of the Camellia Sinensis family, their nutrients and important molecules preserve better compared to other teas in the family. Also, green tea comes in several different varieties, blends, and qualities.

How Green Tea Works?

Green tea is considered to be a very strong antioxidant. The chief source of antioxidants in green tea is polyphenols, which are also responsible for most of the health benefits offered by green tea.

These polyphenols help the body in several ways, including fighting the free radicals in the body, preventing diseases that can affect blood and heart vessels, and fighting cancer.

Green tea is also known to contain about two to four percent caffeine, which is known to improve the functioning of the brain messengers, affect thinking and mental alertness, and increase urine output. Caffeine also stimulates the muscles, heart, and nervous system by increasing the release of certain chemical substances in the brain known as neurotransmitters.

Green tea benefits for men

Now that you know what green tea is and how it works, let’s consider the green tea benefits for men – some are applicable green tea benefits for women:

Green Tea Reduces the Possibility of Prostate Cancer

Reports have shown that green tea is potent at slowing down the growth of prostate cancer cells. For instance, it was reported [3] that one in every nine men will contract prostate cancer during their lifetime and 80 percent of men over the age of 80 years will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Although prostate cancer is not so deadly, it can spread to other parts of the body. However, drinking green tea can help stop the growth of these cancer cells. It will stimulate your immune system to further fight off these cancerous cells. Green tea doesn’t only reduce the possibility of prostate cancer but it also causes these prostate cancer cells to apoptosis. Aside from its impact on prostate cancer, green tea can help to repair damaged DNA which may contribute to the formation or growth of cancer cells.

In a nutshell, when it comes to handling prostate cancer cells, green tea is very effective at keeping these cells at bay and ensuring that you enjoy good health for a longer time.

Green Tea Contains Useful Antioxidants

As stated above, antioxidants are a great way of eliminating hazardous and dangerous toxins from the body, they also cleanse your body, enabling you to remain healthy. There is a recommended daily allowance for essential antioxidants but only a very few people can get their daily allowance of essential antioxidants. Luckily, drinking a single cup of green tea can supply your body with the necessary essential antioxidants, enabling you to live a healthier and happier life.

Polyphenols are the main antioxidants in green tea. They protect your body from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable atoms and can cause damage to the cells within your body. They can also contribute to aging and illness.

Green tea has the necessary antioxidants to protect you against these radicals and other illnesses. Polyphenols may also prevent swelling and inflammation, reduce joint degeneration, and protect the cartilage in-between the bones. There are also some speculations [4] (though unverified by research) that polyphenols are able to fight human papillomavirus (HPV) infections and lessen the incidence of cervical dysplasia.

Green Tea Enhances Weight Loss

Although drinking green tea is not a magical solution to losing extra weight, it can, however, enhance weight loss by increasing the rate of oxidation and body metabolism [5], which burns fat. According to research [6], green tea can increase your body’s metabolism by about 4 percent, thanks to the caffeine it contains. Aside from that, green tea contains a very small amount of calories, drinking green tea as a tasty alternative to water will not add to your body weight.

So, if you drink green tea regularly, you should see an appreciable weight loss within a short time. While green tea can increase weight loss, we do not recommend relying solely on drinking green tea to lose weight. Instead, take green tea in combination with a healthy vegan or keto diet.

Green Tea Improves Mental Clarity and Sharpness

As humans, we are prone to forget a deadline or an appointment. However, there’s a way to boost your mental clarity, sharpness, memory, and concentration.

Yes, drinking green tea can improve your mental clarity and sharpness. The caffeine contained in green tea will not only pump your body with energy but it will also help to focus your mind. While drinking green tea provides a similar result to drinking coffee due to the caffeine in it, green tea won’t plague you with those unannounced early-morning jitters associated with drinking coffee.

Aside from caffeine, green tea also contains L-theanine, which is medically linked to improving brain function.

Green Tea Fights Influenza

Research conducted by a professor at Appalachian State University revealed that green tea may boost the immunity of individuals under stress. According to the research, most of the subjects given green tea did not report any upper respiratory illness while most subjects that were not administered green tea reported illness.

Green Tea Helps to Reduce the Risk of Prostate Cancer

There is a high likelihood that as men grow older, they have a higher risk of contracting prostate cancer. Luckily, green tea has the potential of preventing prostate cancer. It also helps in fighting prostate cancer as well. A recent study [7] showed that men who regularly drink green tea are about 50 percent less likely to contract prostate cancer. This is quite a significant amount. Reports also showed that the polyphenols contained in green tea can help to prevent other forms of cancer.

Green Tea Can Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

According to the center for disease control [8] (CDC), there has been a marked increase in Type 2 diabetes in recent years. More explicitly, Type 2 diabetes now affects about one in every 10 Americans. Type 2 diabetes involves having high blood sugar levels, which are typically caused by the inability of the body to produce insulin or a condition caused by insulin resistance.

Luckily, studies [9] showed that green tea can enhance insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels. Another Japanese study [10] showed that subjects who drank green tea frequently were about 42 percent less likely to contract Type 2 diabetes.

Also, a review of seven studies [11] showed that subjects who are frequent green tea drinkers had an 18 percent lower risk of diabetes.

Green Tea Consumption Increases Sperm Concentration

Though this was tested on rats, there is a likelihood that it will work on humans too. The polyphenols contained in green tea were found to improve sperm parameters and fertility in rats. Consumption of green tea under conditions similar to those set up for the study can safely improve sperm parameters. However, this requires further studies and investigation.

Green Tea Helps to Lower Cholesterol

One of the leading causes of death in the U.S. is high levels of cholesterol and heart disease and one way of preventing this is by taking green tea. Green tea has been proven to help those suffering from high cholesterol. Also, the antioxidants contained in green tea can help in fighting off signs and symptoms of heart disease.

Several studies [12] have shown the positive effects of drinking green tea both in the short-term and long-term on fat metabolism.

So, if you’re a man that loves red meat just like most other men, you are prone to having high levels of cholesterol in your body and contracting heart disease. However, green tea can help to lower the level of LDL cholesterol [13] in your body, which can cause serious body or heart damage if left unchecked. Drinking green tea can reduce your risk of contracting an early heart attack by about 11 percent.

As a red meat lover, next time you order a nice fat slab of steak, also order a mug of green tea to offset the damage that may be caused by the steak.

Green Tea Is a Healthy and Natural Cure for a Hangover

While green tea is not a direct cure for a hangover, it can help fight off the effects of a hangover and get you back to agile shape – thanks to the antioxidants in the green tea. Green tea will flush out those nasty toxins from a hangover that may plague your body. The same antioxidants in green tea that will flush out the toxins from a hangover in your system will also help in fighting off any liver disease. With green tea, you can enjoy any of your favorite drinks and worry less about any damage it may do to your body.

Green Tea Can Reverse Aging Signs

Does this sound like a surprise to you? Although there is practically nothing you can do to slow down the passage of time no matter how healthy you eat or the amount of exercise you engage in, drinking green tea can help to slow down or reverse the signs of aging. While you may not be able to regain your thick head of hair, the antioxidants in green tea can reverse aging signs by protecting you from ultraviolet radiation. This means you can go out and bask in the sun without the fear or threat of wrinkles. Make sure you keep your sunscreen and face moisturizer close by.

Green Tea Can Enhance your Performance

Green tea contains caffeine, which acts as a stimulant so drinking green tea can enhance your performance and help you perform your daily tasks with more vigor than before. Several studies have shown that drinking green tea can help to prevent muscle cramps, allowing for more comfortable exercises sessions.

Green tea also helps to reduce joint pain and inflammation that may lead to arthritis. Drinking green tea would make engaging in any kind of physical activity easier and more comfortable for you.

Green Tea Helps in Repairing Damaged DNA

Most times, cancerous growth in the body is aided by the presence of damaged DNA within the body. Fortunately, drinking green tea has proved helpful in repairing damaged DNA. The antioxidants found in green tea can actively repair any damaged DNA in the body, helping in reducing the rate of cancerous growth in the body.

Green Tea Can Help Slow Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by either genetics or natural factors. However, if your hair loss is due to male pattern baldness, then drinking a cup of green tea can help to slow down the process. The male pattern baldness is linked to and can be accelerated by the stress hormone, which can be inhibited by the polyphenols in green tea.

Note that drinking green tea will not magically bring back your lost hair. Instead, it will gradually slow down the subsequent hair loss process.

Green Tea Benefits for Digestion

Green tea is great for digestion. Drinking green tea is a great way to relax and unwind after you have enjoyed your meal. Green tea comes with several digestive benefits, which include helping your body metabolize rich foods and preventing bloating.

Another green tea benefit for digestion is eliminating flatulence. Are you feeling gassy? Did you know that you can get rid of flatulence with green tea? If you’re suffering from excessive flatulence or consistently plagued by gas, drinking green tea can help to treat excessive gas causing pain and discomfort.

So, next time you feel gassy and need to treat excessive gas, start drinking a cup of green tea. This will greatly help you out of your flatulence issues. It will also reduce your bloating and eliminate any pain you may experience in your stomach.

Different Blends of Green Tea Have Different Effects

It is very important to note that all green tea is not the same and different blends of green tea have different health properties. For instance, different brands of green tea use different qualities of green tea leaves, which have different effects on the body.

Some green tea blends include other ingredients or herbs. Such blends of green tea offer the positive effects of green tea together with the benefits of other included herbs. Therefore, it is very important to read more about a particular blend of green tea and the herbs included before using it.

The Suggested Intake of Green Tea

While there are no specific or recommended dosages for green tea and other herbs, it is important to note that everything should be taken with caution. A cup of green tea contains about 50mg of caffeine and about 80-100mg of polyphenols – this depends on the size of the cup and the strength of the green tea blend. Green tea extract packed in capsules ranges from 10-750mg per pill.

Several studies have shown that taking green tea in the form of a beverage gives more promising results than in pill form. Green tea contains caffeine and studies have shown that taking too much caffeine can increase anxiety, raise the rate of heartbeat, cause or worsen headaches, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, and inhibit sleep in some people. Consuming too much caffeine can also lead to gastrointestinal distress. Hence, you must be careful with your green tea intake so that you don’t take too much.

Also, reports [14] have it that taking concentrated green tea extracts can cause liver problems. So, be careful with your green tea intake.


















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