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How to manifest anything you want. Lessons from Sadhguru

How to manifest whatever you want


This series will highlight the teachings of Sadhguru as they refer to manifesting what you really want. Excerpts from a talk given by Sadhguru. Where possible, all original language has been maintained. In some cases, language has been modified to better explain the concepts in the talk.

Organize your Mind

If you organize your mind in a certain way, it, in turn, organizes your body, your emotion, and your energies. Everything gets organized in one direction. Once all these four dimensions of you, your physical body, your mind, your emotion, and the fundamental life energies are organized in one direction, anything that you wish for or desire intently can happen if you organize these four dimensions in one direction and maintain unwavering faith for a certain period of time.

Right now, the problem with your mind is that at every moment it is changing its direction. It is as if you want to travel somewhere and every two steps, you keep changing your direction. With this approach, the likelihood of you reaching your destination is very remote, unless it happens by chance. Therefore organizing our minds and in turn organizing the whole system and these four basic dimensions of who you are right now in one direction is important to be able to manifest anything you want.

Be responsible for what you want

If you want to become empowered, it is also important that you become responsible for what you ask for. In today’s world, we are hugely empowered by technology. Today, it doesn’t take six billion people to destroy this planet. One, man, by pressing the wrong button can destroy the whole planet. When we are empowered like this, it’s very important that our physical action, emotional action, mental act, and energy actions are controlled and properly detected. If they are not, we become self-destructive. Technology, which is supposed to make our life beautiful and easy has become the source of all the problems and we are destroying the very basis of our life, which is our beautiful planet.

You might have heard of people who asked for something and beyond all expectations, it came true for them. Generally, this happens to people who are immersed in faith. Now let’s say you want to build a house. If you start thinking, Oh, I want to build a house. I need $200,000 but I have only $2,000 in my bank account. I will not be able to build my house. It is not going to be possible, not possible, not possible. The moment you say not possible. You’re also saying I don’t want it. So on one level, you’re creating a desire that you want something and on another level, you’re saying I don’t want it. In this conflict of your state of thinking, it is likely that it might not happen.


Take Action

I want you to understand, God will not lift his little finger for you. What you referred to as God is the source of creation. And as a creator, He has done a phenomenal job. There’s no question about it. Could you think of a better world than what is there right now even with all its faults? As a creator, He has done his job wonderfully. If you’re unhappy, the only reason why you’re unhappy in life is that things are not happening the way you think they should happen.

That’s all it is. If your life is not happening the way you think it should happen, you’re unhappy. If your life happens the way you think it should happen, you are happy. It’s as simple as that.

How you think, how much focus you think, and how much stability is in your thought process will determine whether your thought will become a reality.

Don’t Doubt

Right now from where you are sitting. Can you just fly off? You are likely to say no. I ask, right now, from where you’re sitting, can you get up and walk? You’ll say, yes. What is the basis of this? Why did you say no to flying and yes to walking? Because of your past experience of life, many times you’ve gotten up and walked. Never did you fly off, or in other words, you are using the past experience of life as a basis for deciding whether something is possible or not possible. In other words, you have decided that what has not happened until now cannot happen in your life in the future. This is a disgrace to humanity and the human spirit. What does not happen until now on this planet can happen tomorrow. Human beings are capable of making it happen tomorrow. So what is possible and what is not possible is not your business. That is nature’s business.

If you generate a powerful thought and let it out, with no self-doubt, it will always manifest itself. Generally, people are fake about hushing negative thoughts. Once you have become a thinking human being, your faith is not too deep. It doesn’t matter how much faith you think you have somewhere along the way, doubts crop up.

Be committed to achieving your goals

There is an alternative to having unwavering faith which is being committed to reaching your goal. If you simply commit yourself to create what you really care for, your thoughts get organized in such a way. There is no such thing as to whether it’s possible or not possible. There is no hurdle in your thought process. Your thought flows freely towards what you want. Once this happens, manifesting what you want will also naturally follow. Once you can maintain a steady stream of thought without changing direction, what you are working towards will definitely manifest as a reality in your life.

Once you’re on the field, it’s your job to create your life’s objectives. At every stage in our life, we tend to think, if this one thing happens, everything will be fine with our life. You reach there and you realize that’s not it. And you shift your focus to something else and when you achieve this to something else. First and foremost, you must be clear. What is it that you really want? If you do not know what you want, the question of creating it is superfluous. If you look at what you really want, what every human being wants is that he wants to live joyfully. He wants to live peacefully in terms of his relationships. He wants to be loving and affectionate. And in other words, all that any human being is seeking is pleasantness within himself.

This pleasantness. If it happens in our body, we call this health and pleasure. If it happens in our minds, we call this peace and joy. If it happens in our emotions, we call this love and compassion. If it happens in our energy we call it blissfulness and ecstasy, this is all the human being is looking for. Whether he’s going to his office to work, he wants to make money, build a career, build a family. He’s still looking for the same thing, pleasantness. If this is what we want to create, I think it’s time we addressed it directly and commit ourselves to create it. So you want to create yourself as a peaceful human being, a joyful human being, a loving human being, a pleasant human being. Do you also want a world like this, a peaceful world, a loving world, a joyful world? If you start your day with this simple talk in your mind that today, wherever I go, I will create a peaceful, loving, and joyful world. If you fall down a hundred times in a day, what does it matter for a committed man? For this man, there is no such thing as failure. If you fall down a hundred times, a hundred lessons are learned. If you commit yourself like this, to creating what you really care, for now, your mind gets organized.

Once your mind is organized, you are the creator

Once your mind gets organized your emotions get organized. Once your thought and emotions are organized, your energies will get organized in the same direction. Once your thoughts emotions and energies are organized, your very body will get organized. Once all these photos are organized in one direction, you had the ability to create and manifest what you want.

You are the creator in many ways. I want you to look at the nature of your life right now. If you eat a banana in four hours, time, this banana becomes a human being. There is something within you, a life-creating process, a process which builds this body, the manufacturer of these bodies within you will give him a banana. He makes a human being out of that. Transforming a banana into a human being is not a small thing. It is a phenomenon. It is just that this phenomenon is happening within you. Unconsciously. You are the creator. The very source of creation is functioning within you. If you are organized these four-diamond chains of mind, emotion, body, and energy in one direction, the source of creation is with you. You are the creator. What you want to create will happen effortlessly. Once you’re organized like this, you have the power to create what you want.



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