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Meditation to Manifest Abundance and Fulfill your Dreams

Meditation to manifest abundance

Welcome to The Balanced Life blog. I am very happy that higher intelligence has brought you here today. Rest assured it is no coincidence that you came across this blog. This article will provide you with the tools necessary to manifest everything you want be it financial Independence, the dream job you have in sight, or the love of your life.

Meditate using The Balanced Life method and manifest everything you want.


Mindset is important while meditatingBefore we begin, let’s spend some time talking about the importance of having the right mindset. This is a prerequisite for developing your meditation practice and manifesting what you want in life.

Having the right mindset will send out the appropriate vibrations to the universe. Whatever you send out to the universe, comes right back to you. Therefore, if you are thinking about how much you hate someone, you will likely be enveloped in negativity and will project this in your outer world. The results you will achieve with this approach are predictable. You will struggle and question yourself about why life is so difficult. You will see other people cruising through life, living the life of your dreams and wondering why it?s not you.

Break the Cycle, Watch your thoughts

In order to change your mindset, you must break the cycle of negative thoughts. These include thoughts of jealousy, envy, anger, despair, lack, and desperation to name a few.

To break this vicious cycle, the most important exercise you can do is to watch your thoughts:

  • Replace jealousy and envy with gratitude for all the things you have;
  • Replace anger and hatred with love for both those close to you and for strangers;
  • Replace feelings of lack with thoughts of prosperity and abundance.

Affirmations—A tool to change your Mindset

An easy and fun way to change your mindset is through the use of Affirmations.

Affirmations are sentences that you say over and over that when repeated enough times, will succeed in penetrating through your subconscious mind and help change the frequency that you are operating on and thus the vibrations that you emit.

Some popular affirmations that you might have heard of before are:

  • Every day and in every way, I am getting better and better;
  • I am a money magnet;
  • My health gets better every day.

Some people like to take walks in the morning or in the evening. While you are doing so, look for affirmations on YouTube and listen to them while you enjoy your stroll. If you do this consistently, you will be changing your mindset every day.

Another way to change your mindset with affirmations is to start an affirmation journal. Buy a notebook in which you write over and over again the three affirmations that you believe will change your mindset in order to be able to manifest whatever you want.

If you would like to work on your financial independence and would like to attract more money, then you can write the following statement in your journal:

Money flows to me all the time. I am a money magnet.

Don’t react…respond

Don?t react, respond to situations

Another way to change your mindset is to shift the way you react to situations. This is very challenging and difficult. Especially for someone like me, however, I find that the more I meditate, the better I become at this. What do I mean by shifting the way you react to situations? Let’s look at the following story:

Jack was heading to an important meeting. He is usually busy and never has enough time for all the things he plans for the day. Because his schedule is so full, he is irritable most of the time and because of this, his relationships suffer. Jack will not reach his meeting on time because he did not account for an accident that occurred that is holding up traffic. He is mad at himself because he likes to be on time and responsible for his obligations.

When Jack realizes he is going to be late because of this accident he has a choice.

When faced with similar situations we all have a choice.

The problem is, the time between the situation that sparks a reaction and the reaction is so small that we don’t realize we have a choice.

Once we become conscious that we have a choice, we can CHANGE THE GAME of Life and skew it in our favor.

Here are two possible reactions that Jack could have:

Reaction 1: Jack could curse and blame his constant bad luck. This in turn would bring him more negative situations in the future given the vibration he is sending out to the universe. He could call the person he is supposed to meet and say that because of the stupid accident he won’t make it on time and that there is nothing he could do about it. Jack will carry this negativity with him for the next few hours affecting the work he is supposed to be doing and most importantly, sending a clue to the universe to send him more of these situations.

Reaction 2: Jack could realize that there has been an accident and in his mind, show compassion and empathy for those people who have been in the accident. He could then realize that the universe has other plans for him today and give thanks that he was not involved in the accident. At the same time, he could give thanks for all the things he has in life realizing that his life could be over in a minute. He could send out love and positive energy to those involved in the accident and calmly call the person he was supposed to meet to reschedule explaining to him that there has been an accident and out of respect for the other person’s time, he would appreciate it greatly if they could reschedule the meeting.

It is quite evident which is the correct reaction in order to change your mindset. This sounds easy when we read it in the manner I have presented it however in the heat of the moment, we default to our operating system, our subconscious mind, that is used to responding in the manner we usually do, in haste and in detriment to our long term success in life.

Observe your thoughts

You are probably tired of reading that you should watch your thoughts as they become reality. The truth of the matter is that achieving this is really challenging.

Let’s say you are broke. Money does not seem to last in your hands. As it comes in, it immediately goes out. You cannot seem to get ahead. You can only cover the interest payments on your credit cards and even though you pay the minimum payment required every month, you don’t seem to make a dent in the amount you owe them. Your kids want things you wish you could buy for them and you never manage to buy anything for yourself.

If this is you in any way, you might ask how do I maintain a positive attitude regarding money?

It’s not intuitive but you must practice affirmations, visualizations, and shifting your reactions.

  • While waiting in line at the grocery store repeat your money affirmation over and over.
  • When in meditation visualize your bank account having six figures.
  • When paying a bill imagine the balance at zero and you have a lot of cash leftover.
  • Change your attitude towards bill paying and money in general. Try to be happy when you are paying a bill knowing that this situation is temporary.

You might say to me, I have done these exercises for months, to no avail. I am still in the same situation or in a worse situation.

This is probably because you are doing these exercises without an important ingredient. Have you ever asked someone for a recipe and no matter how hard you try, cannot replicate the taste of the original?

Countless people have tried to copy the original Coca-Cola soda formula or the KFC fried chicken recipe to no avail. That is because the formula is secret. Without the special sauce, we will never be able to replicate the taste.

In much the same way, there is one ingredient that you must use when saying affirmations, practicing gratitude or sending out positive energy.

The Special Sauce is positive EMOTION

Think for a moment, how you would feel with a six-figure bank account balance.

Charge your visualization with this feeling.

Maintain it and bring the feeling back every time you think about money.

Project abundance and not lack

You are probably not making any progress because the emotions that come up when you visualize a six-figure bank balance remind you of your current situation.

When you thank the Universe for everything bestowed upon you in life, do it with the emotion and feeling you would after someone had saved your baby’s life.

Charge your affirmations with feeling and emotion.


Because you are sending out a strong signal to the universe. When you charge it with energy, it cannot determine what is real from what is projected and it sends right back to you more of what you currently appear to have.

Now that we have covered the basics let’s dive into what we are here for. To teach you some meditation techniques that will allow you to manifest anything that you want to.

Before we begin, let’s spend some time discussing the environment that would be conducive to meditation and manifesting.

Choose a quiet place to meditate and make it yours

The place you choose to conduct your meditation practice should be quiet and with no distractions. The Balanced Life’s method of meditation requires between 45 minutes to an hour of time every day.

I did not come up with this method alone. In general, nothing in life is achieved alone. I have gleaned some techniques from Bob Proctor’s YouTube videos, from Joe Dispenza’s book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, and from Gabriel Silva’s famous Mind Control method. There are evident commonalities in these three approaches. I find that combining the best of these and other methods, has given me the best results.

Like most things in life, practice makes perfect. This applies to meditation. The more you practice the better results you will be able to achieve.

Ideally, you would sit crossed-legged on a mat or soft surface in order to align the chakras, however, I started my practice in a reclining chair where I would sit cross-legged, to begin with. If it became uncomfortable for me I would recline the chair and lay on it. I do not think it has made my practice less effective however I aspire to be able to last the entire hour sitting cross-legged on the floor one day.

In meditation, do not give attention to your thoughts but to your breath

all you do is sit still for an hour focusing on your breath. You will derive significant benefits from this practice.

In everyday life, we tend to breathe in very short and fast breaths. We do not fully oxygenate our bodies or our blood. Focusing on our breath for one hour will slow you down, allow you to choose in which way to react to most situations, and have notable health benefits at a physiological level.

If you are new to meditation, the first time you sit down, just breathe long and full breaths for the entire hour. To practice visualization, which will be useful as you further develop your meditation and manifestation skills, imagine that when you breathe in, a white purifying and all-loving light flows throughout your body, healing and strengthening it.

When you breathe out, all the impurities, problems, and negative thoughts are removed with the light as it leaves your body. In the next breath, a new flow of light enters and removes emotional toxins from your body leaving you in a state in which you are ready to receive all the abundance you can imagine.

Emotional Blocks will prevent you from manifesting even a pennyEmotional blocks impede you from manifesting

What are emotional blocks? They are feelings that have been programmed in your subconscious mind based on prior events in your life (if you believe in reincarnation, it could even be from past lives), that are preventing you from reaching your potential.

One of the most prevalent emotional blocks out there is FEAR.

You must release any fear you have from your subconscious mind. If you don’t you will find it very difficult to manifest anything.

To do this, you may use the purifying breath exercise I just described, or you may visualize the word FEAR and associate it with moments in which you have been afraid throughout your life.

Then, focusing on your breath, visualize yourself putting this word and these moments inside a white balloon. Once these feelings associated with fear are secured inside the white balloon, slowly release the balloon into the open sky. Watch it slowly rise until it disappears. With it, so do your fears and hopefully your emotional blocks. Repeat this exercise as many times as necessary with any other emotional blocks that you might perceive you have.

Most of our emotional blocks are deeply rooted in situations that occurred during our childhood. Go back to the moments in which you felt powerful and overwhelming emotions throughout your life and ask yourself what emotional block might have developed from that situation.

Some of the most common emotional blocks are:

  • A feeling of unworthiness;
  • Guilt; and
  • Lack of Self Confidence.

You can work through these in the same manner in which I described working out the emotional block of fear.

Manifesting in Meditation is about being in the right state of mind and at the right frequency

A key to manifesting while in meditation is being able to reprogram the subconscious mind. To be able to do this, it is important to realize that our subconscious mind operates in a different frequency than our conscious mind does. Thus, to be able to communicate our wants, desires, and needs to the subconscious mind, we must lower our brain frequency.

When we are at work or discussing an issue with a friend, we are operating in what is called beta. That is, we are rational, calculating, logical, and generally awake. During this time, our subconscious, much like our cell phone, is performing all types of operations in the background that allow our conscious interactions to happen. Its operating system much like machine learning has memorized our default reactions to situations and when we are not paying attention will walk in and take over a situation. In a certain way, we are condemned to the programming our subconscious mind has received from us throughout our life.

Don’t worry. We are going to jailbreak that puppy and reprogram it. The important thing about the subconscious mind is that it is the bridge between infinite intelligence or the Source and you.

We are all part of the Source and when you send a request to the Source, its nature requires it to satisfy that request. All you have to do is communicate directly with your Subconscious mind so that it can parlay your request to the Source. But how exactly do we do this considering it’s running our operating system in the background.

To access the Subconscious mind, you need to get to Alpha

What is Alpha? It’s the frequency your brain is at when you first wake up in the morning or when you are just about to go to sleep.

Your objective is to get to Alpha while in meditation. Once there, your visualizations charged with emotions and feelings will basically reprogram your subconscious mind and you will be able to receive anything you ask for.

However, this process takes time. Keep at your practice every day for 30 days, then 60 days, then 90 days. Try not to skip a day. Make it a priority. If you do skip a day, don’t judge yourself, just pick up right where you left off the following day. At the end of the 90 days, you will be a different person. This is what Joe Dispenza refers to when he says that you need to Break the Habit of Being Yourself.

So how do I get to Alpha?

There are many techniques to get to Alpha. You may search for these on YouTube. Try many and use the one that works for you the best.

In my case, I use the method taught in Gabriel Silva’s Mind Control method. It consists of doing the following exercise. While meditating, close your eyes and position your pupils at a twenty-degree angle as if looking up at your forehead. Take long deep breaths and with each breath count backward from 99 to 0. In the first few attempts, you might doze off. Don’t worry, with practice you will improve. By the time you get to zero, you should feel relaxed and a little groggy. You should be in Alpha. As you progress in your meditation practice, you can start counting down from 50, 25, or 10. You will get used to the Alpha state and as time passes and you continue to meditate, it should be easier for you to achieve this state.

OK, I’m in Alpha, what do I do now?

Once you are in Alpha, continue with the deep breaths. You will continue to breathe this way for the duration of your session. What I will now relate is a very personal sequence that I undertake when meditating. Feel free to vary this method as you see fit. There are certain things that you cannot omit, however. These are the actions of gratitude and visualization or narration. We will cover these in detail in the next few sections.


A sincere feeling of gratitude charged with the accompanying emotion is the first action I undertake when in meditation. If you think about it a little, it should not be that difficult. It’s about being sincere. Think about every little detail of your life and all you have to be thankful for. Your family, friends, home, job, etc. Just thank the universe, the Source, Higher Intelligence, or God for all the blessings he bestows on you.

The first thing I do is thank my Spirit Guide and the Angels that accompany me throughout life. I am convinced that we are never alone. We all are born with a Spirit Guide whose only job is to provide you with support and guidance when you need and ask for it. In much the same way, the Angels are there to help you. They want to help you, but they cannot do it unless you, out of your own free will and desire, ask them for their help.

Oftentimes, when I am deep in Alpha and have developed a good connection with my subconscious mind when I express my gratitude to my Spirit Guide and to the Angels, I get goosebumps and chills throughout my body. This is not uncommon and is a great sign. It is Them showing you their support. Don’t feel disappointed if you don’t feel them as they usually manifest themselves when you are ready.

Being grateful, elevates your vibration level opening up the connection for manifesting what you want. The next step is to visualize the best version of yourself so that your Meditation practice makes you a better and improved person.

If you are suffering from a particular illness or had an accident and want to heal, ask your Guide and the Angels to heal you. Thank them for doing so and visualize yourself without the illness, going about life normally.

Visualize the best version of yourself

In order to visualize the best version of yourself, you have to go through the process of determining those attributes in your personality and behavior that are not positive. Things such as thinking you are better than other people, being impatient, being arrogant, being selfish, etc. This process might be a little emotionally painful but it greatly helps in your everyday life as you become the person you visualize yourself to be. Remember that we are programming code in your subconscious mind that will change your conscious mind’s behavior.

Once you have identified the negative attributes of your personality and behavior, visualize yourself without these negative traits. Even better, visualize yourself with their antonyms. If you are impatient and quick to judge, visualize yourself in a situation in which you are patient and calm. Doing this in every session sends a message to the Universe that you are trying to correct your faults and prepares you to receive all that you wish to manifest.

Send out love and protection to your family, friends, AND enemies

Send out love to your family, friends and enemies

Once you are done with your self-improvement exercise, it is important to send out love and protection to the people you interact with every day. This includes your family, friends, and even the people with whom your relationship is less than stellar. Visualize each one of them one by one and place them on a field surrounded by pink light. Charge the pink light with positive energy and love. Go through each one individually and if you wish to send a personal message to any one of them, do so in your thoughts. If any one of them is sick, increase the intensity of the light shining over them and send them positive and healing energy and thoughts.

Do this with people you don’t get along with as well. Be sincere when you do this. Practice it repeatedly and witness how these relationships improve. If you feel they don’t, at least you will not create an emotional block that can prevent you from manifesting what you want in this life.

Visualize what you want while in this state of Meditation

This is where everything in this article comes together. This is where you plant the manifestation seeds. Use all the tools discussed in previous sections and visualize the life you want.

Be as detailed as possible with your mental imagery and charge that imagery with feelings and emotions.

Use your imagination. Make it as real as possible in your mind.

  • Imagine that bank account with a million dollars.
  • Imagine yourself in that corner office earning that large paycheck.
  • Imagine yourself with a life partner that understands and loves you.

Perform this practice every day and you will experience great changes in your life.

Each time you visualize something, be grateful for already receiving it. Charge gratitude with emotions and sincere feelings.

Sit back and watch your life change.

What if I am really bad at visualization?

It would seem that visualization is essential in meditation and manifesting. This is true to a great extent. At least it is in my practice. I happen to have a vivid imagination and this greatly helps me.

If you are not that great at visualization or imagining things happening, don’t worry. Use your inner voice instead. Don’t paint a picture, tell a story. You are the narrator and author of this story. In telling this tale which will soon become your reality, be as detailed as possible. If you want to take a vacation with your family, think about where you would like to go. If it’s Italy, narrate how you will have great pasta, pizza, wine, and gelato. Narrate how you will see Rome and all its ruins and splendor. Think about how you will visit the leaning Tower of Pisa. Tell a story. But believe that story is real. Share the feelings, sights, sounds, and tastes as you narrate.

This is as good as visualizing.


Once you have visualized the life, possessions, and experiences you wish to have it is of utmost importance that you have unwavering faith that what you imagined or thought will come to pass.

It is very important that you believe in the process and that the Universe’s timing is nothing but perfect.

If you introduce doubt and lose faith, you will effectively be changing your mindset and will revert to a situation in which you are not ready to receive.

There are several paths that lead to fulfillment

I am humbled that you have read my thoughts on meditation and manifesting. This article reflects my experience with the subject. It is certainly not the only way to meditate. It is merely one of a myriad of ways to manifest.

I felt compelled to share it with you because it has worked for me. I have manifested money and improvements in health using this technique.

Having said this, I am by no means perfect and am a student on this path just like you. I have often changed my mindset impeding me from receiving what I want and interrupted my meditation practice for days because I have been lazy.

I think that an important reflection to remember is that material wealth will not make you happy in the long run. It helps make life easier but the most important thing in life is to maintain sincere, and close, personal relationships.

It is, after all, people we were placed on this earth to help and people, who we will continue to interact throughout our lives.

If you enjoyed this article, please let me know in the comments section. I decided to start this blog as a way to interact with a community of like-minded individuals who were interested in living a balanced and fulfilling life.

As I continue on my journey, I will write posts about lifestyle, health, work, travel, meditation, and other topics that interest me. I started this blog because of a health issue I am now controlling and reversing by balancing my life?s activities.

Today, I am grateful for having developed this condition because it allowed me to make adjustments in my lifestyle that have impacted me positively. If by sharing my experience, I am able to have a similar effect on someone going through a trial of their own, I will be eternally grateful to have been able to contribute to improving their life.

Thank you for reading.



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